Train Project – It lives!


I’ve decided to post up a very old project I was working on around three years ago when I was still finding my way around Maxon’s Cinema 4D

Aside from learning how to really model properly I wanted to make a fancy animation using Cinema’s sketch and toon module. As happens to so many learner projects I ran into a few problems I couldn’t get my head around, like how to get the gears and wheels to work together and so the whole thing sat unfinished on my hard drive for the last two years until I decided to pick it up again a few weeks ago. Whilst I’m not mad about this model anymore I thought it’s worth finishing  so I’ve now nearly finished the wheels section and the gears (is that what they’re called on a train?) will come next:

Also, this is what happens when you drop a displacement deformer into the wrong hierarchy:

fail render train


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